[Top 5] albums that helped me find myself in Europe

Camera, water, good walking shoes, and most importantly, a playlist set for the city….(and maybe bring a map) For two weeks, I’ve been wondering around the streets of Europe with artists in my playlists I hadn’t listened to quite as much back home. Finding the perfect playlist for vacation is basically a necessity, having the familiarity of something from back home to help you along whatever you experience is kinda cool if you think about it. So here are the top five albums that helped me find myself in Europe.

(sidenote, they all happen to be female fronted bands. Grl Pwr.)

Jay Som’s debut album Everybody Works, is the perfect travel album. There are songs that touch you on a level of excitement, comfort and daring. 1 Billion Dogs it the energetic reminder you need to embark on your new adventure each day. a3337164431_10

For walking the brickstone streets and pretty much everywhere else, I’ve noticed that fatigue can sneak up you, but who can nap when there is so much to see? Grab a coffee and turn on this album.

For mindless wondering in Scotland, amid the castles and gorgeous sights, Middle Kids self-titled EP, pairs nicely with, well, anything by Angel Olsenmiddle-kids-ep-1487173885

Middle Kids’ star track Edge of Town  is the perfect song to listen to while finding yourself abroad. Burn Your Fire for No Witness, by Olsen stick out due to the range on the album. The album is a sweetly, dark, romantic, and spirited collection that will match any mood. Similar to Jay Som’s Everybody Works, in the sense that you can find a song that will get you riled by the rhythmic guitar and a catchy beat you’ll keep hitting repeat on, as well as, those hauntingly beautiful songs to match the disbelief of the beauty Europe posses. a0472423704_10

And along with Europe comes some rowdy times, which means you’ll need some amp up music. That’s when you need to turn to The Coathangers. Being an avid fan myself, I’m biased when I say you can’t go wrong with whatever album, however Nosebleed Weekend is an endearingly odd cluster of punk rock that will make you jump around and good and ready to hit the pints.

Keeping the grrl riot sound going, Tacocat’s Lost Time album is essential to pass the time on those plan rides, street wonderings and all the new adventures bound to happen. The pop-punk has an upbeat dynamic as the perfect soundtrack to daily exploring, or even for tuning out the weird guy at the hostel. 99ef3a88

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