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[Top 5] albums that helped me find myself in Europe

Camera, water, good walking shoes, and most importantly, a playlist set for the city….(and maybe bring a map) For two weeks, I’ve been wondering around the streets of Europe with artists in my playlists I hadn’t listened to quite as much back home. Finding the perfect playlist for vacation is basically a necessity, having the familiarity of something from back home to help you along whatever you experience is kinda cool if you think about it. So here are the top five albums that helped me find myself in Europe.

(sidenote, they all happen to be female fronted bands. Grl Pwr.)

Jay Som’s debut album Everybody Works, is the perfect travel album. There are songs that touch you on a level of excitement, comfort and daring. 1 Billion Dogs it the energetic reminder you need to embark on your new adventure each day. a3337164431_10

For walking the brickstone streets and pretty much everywhere else, I’ve noticed that fatigue can sneak up you, but who can nap when there is so much to see? Grab a coffee and turn on this album.

For mindless wondering in Scotland, amid the castles and gorgeous sights, Middle Kids self-titled EP, pairs nicely with, well, anything by Angel Olsenmiddle-kids-ep-1487173885

Middle Kids’ star track Edge of Town  is the perfect song to listen to while finding yourself abroad. Burn Your Fire for No Witness, by Olsen stick out due to the range on the album. The album is a sweetly, dark, romantic, and spirited collection that will match any mood. Similar to Jay Som’s Everybody Works, in the sense that you can find a song that will get you riled by the rhythmic guitar and a catchy beat you’ll keep hitting repeat on, as well as, those hauntingly beautiful songs to match the disbelief of the beauty Europe posses. a0472423704_10

And along with Europe comes some rowdy times, which means you’ll need some amp up music. That’s when you need to turn to The Coathangers. Being an avid fan myself, I’m biased when I say you can’t go wrong with whatever album, however Nosebleed Weekend is an endearingly odd cluster of punk rock that will make you jump around and good and ready to hit the pints.

Keeping the grrl riot sound going, Tacocat’s Lost Time album is essential to pass the time on those plan rides, street wonderings and all the new adventures bound to happen. The pop-punk has an upbeat dynamic as the perfect soundtrack to daily exploring, or even for tuning out the weird guy at the hostel. 99ef3a88

[Top five] Albums not to forget in 2017

2017 is sure to bring some exciting and much anticipated albums forth. Along the way we need to recall some of the greats that last year  gave us. This week’s top five is dedicated to those we fell in love with last year.

SWMRS (27 of 50)
SWMRS – Drive North 

You could say they’re following in the footsteps on bands like Fidlar, but it would be unfair. SWMRS are paving their way one rowdy show at a time. Beneath the thrashing guitar and sweaty shows, Drive North  is an overwhelming note of positivity much needed in 2016.


Basement Revolver

The indie darlings produced one of the most underrated catchy songs of the year. Johnny, the first single off of their debut album, will make you fall in love with the softly sweet voice of Christy Hurn. Each song on the album is a mirage covering the confessions and meanings riddled into each track.

Mothers – When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired

Full of confessions straight from the soul Mothers debut EP is a frighteningly honest look into heartbreak, happiness and sadness. Listen to it with a box of tissues near your side, or if you need a lift. a1362186964_10

Angel Olsen – My Woman

Shut Up Kiss Me was undoubtably one of the best singles to shout along to. It won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, and neither with Olsen. My Women is a slightly different direction showing the growth and triumphs an artist overcome. The album is a wondrous ride no matter what mood.

Casper Skulls – Lips and Skull 

The debut album from the Toronto-based band was six songs full of addicting pulse accelerating rock. Devotion is the most catching track on the album and the title track is a gem of it’s own. The time and effort put into the album is apparent with each perfected track. The polish on the debut is a strong step into the music scene for the band we’ll be seeing a lot more of.



Front row at Angel Olsen

Photos by Taija Anderson | Sunday September 25th, 2016 – Angel Olsen headlining sold-out show at Lee’s Palace in Toronto. 

Angel Olsen first caught my attention a few months ago with her breakout single, Shut Up Kiss Me Hold Me Tight, but the track comes years after her start. After falling in love with the single, listening to it more times than one should have, and screaming louder than anyone should, the craving for more set in.

Step past the addicting track, Olsen has a plethora of mesmerizing songs held together in the form of (at the time) two albums at an EP. Recently adding a third album, My Woman, to her triumph, Olsen is artist who doesn’t need to prove she’s a one hit wonder.

Staring into the crowd at Lee’s Palace, Olsen commands their attention with her guitar and smirk. The third song in, she plays her most known track, Shut up Kiss Me Hold Me Tight, with a slight boredom, which the dancing, sining crowd doesn’t seem to notice. They’re in a trance that one woman and her guitar induced on a the sold-out show from the first song in.

“Alright, now that’s out of the way,” Olsen said, as the song finishes. She tunes her guitar and almost everyone wakes from their slight trance for a moment before the next song begins. The rest of the evening is spent alternating between old and new, slow and fast tunes at just the right pace. There is a slight quirky humour, all singer-songwriters need to posses during live shows to keep the mood of heavy songs from being too overwhelming.

If Angel Olsen is stopping by your part of town make sure to get tickets (if they’re not already sold-out) and see for yourself why everyone is in love with her.

Take a listen and check out more photos below.



This Week’s: 5 Tracks you need to hear

Hump day brings out the happiness and sadness in all of us. It’s a reminder that the weekend is almost here, but not quite. Here are this week’s top five tracks to insert a little more happiness into your world. From Australia, to right here in Toronto these are songs by up and coming artists that can’t be missed.

Methyl Ethel - Shadowboxing


Born in the mind of Jake Webb, Methyl Ethel’s latest release, Oh Inhuman Spectacle (2015), is a goldmine and one of the most underrated albums. The stars of the collection Shadow Boxing and Rouges stick out for their unqiue aura surrounding the entire album. Odd lyrics, coupled with an oddly futuristic retro vibe makes the band stick out from others.

Broncho - Señora Boreales

A unique voice paired with a throbbing bass and guitar. Broncho are Dine Alone’s budding gem. Their latest release, Double Vanity, is a collection of dark groaning of barley distinguishable lyrics that are overtaken by hypnotic instruments. Which sounds odd until you hear it and you realize it’s something so skilled only they could pull it off.

Angel Olsen "Shut Up and Kiss Me"



Basement Revolver - Words


They’re quickly making a name for themselves with their capturing tracks. Basement Revolver is a name you’ll see popping up quickly. Words, is the second track released off of their debut EP, the track is one you could replay all day long and not get tired of.

Japanese Breakfast - In Heaven


Beloved by many, Japanese Breakfast is known for her stunning live performances. Currently on tour, with a Toronto date July 22nd. In Heaven is just a glimpse of the wonderful thing that is Japanese Breakfast.