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Instant Dance Party: Coleman Hell + Ria Mae @ The CNE


Sept 1st 2016 – Coleman Hell headlines The CNE Bandshell concert with supporting act Ria Mae


Coleman Hell, walked onto stage and was met with cheers so loud, every other sound at the CNE was drowned out. The smell of ribs, cotton candy and popcorn wafted through the air, but once Hell hit the stage he turned the fair into a nightclub. Flashing lights and thumping bass, Hell pranced across the stage with an energy, that song and song again, never died.

Excited fan during Mae’s set.

Because when Ria Mae tells you to take your clothes off, you do. Fans swayed along to the performer’s set, while mouthing lyrics. All seemed to be charmed by the oddly endearing mix of Mae’s rapper persona, rocker look and R&B sound.

Ria Mae

[New music] Fall in love with “Flowerchild”


It’s a summer anthem released in the peak of festival season. The single cover for Coleman Hell’s Flowerchild could have been taken in a studio or midday at any festival where fashion rules alongside music.

If you’ve seen a Coleman Hell performance you’ll know, the crowd gets rowdy and there is no shortage of energy on stage. The single has been performed long before it’s release and is definitely a stick out track if you’re not to familiar with the artist’s work.

The new single is a strong follow up to Hell’s breakout single 2 Heads, which after being played too many times to count, still makes me say “Daaaamn, that Banjo.”

Take a listen to the tune below.


Jingle Bell Series: Coleman Hell @ Lee’s Palace


Coleman Hell6If you haven’t discovered Coleman Hell, you should probably Google him right now. With his debut single, 2 Heads, released earlier this year, turning into a massive hit, the 26-year-old has been thrown into stardom. His music is featured consistently in the end of year lists as well as “one’s to watch in 2016”. He’s already signed on to perform some major  festivals in 2016, Firefly and Hangout, so like it or not you’ll be seeing him around.

Finishing off the year with a show a little closer to home Hell took place in The Edge’s Jingle Bell Concert Series which featured artists like Wolf Alice, Whitehorse and Cairo earlier this month. The show took place at Lee’s Palace in front of a filled room of fans ready to take everything he gave.

The performer is truly talented. Past the quirky music and style, he’s just simply a well-rounded performer. The single not only can throw a few moves, but he loves the crowd and the crowd loves him. Catchy hooks, a great voice and a vibe that isn’t like any other, Hell has the it factor that makes him stick out from other performers. There is a truthful sense to him that makes him appealing as a person through his glamourized music.

9 Hidden Gems of the Firefly Music Festival 2016 Lineup

It may be the middle of fall but already we’re getting a first glance at festival season. One of the first to start up some excitement is Firefly Music Festival. Releasing their line up today, the festival is going all out for their 5th year of the festival. Featuring some mind-blowing line ups, it’s no doubt 2016 festivals are going to have some killer names. Of course, the festival has the big ones, Florence + The Machine,  Tame Impala, Kings of Leon and Death Cab For Cutie. But along with the veterans, there are some show stopping hidden gems joining the line up.


An American band responsible for making some of the most catchy well thought-out songs. Their first release Never Trust a Happy Song, held their first hit song, Tongue Tied, that you probably still get stuck in your head.

Oh Wonder


Oh Wonder’s debut album released in last September and already they’ve caught fire. With hardy fan-bases in the UK, the pair was taking over Canada as well. With their quick success, they’ll surely be ruling this year’s festivals.



The new band on the block with a lot to prove. Transviolet is a synth-rock mixing based in LA. They’re music is unforgettable once you hear it. The perfect mixing darkness and rock.

Coleman Hell

Coleman Hell, another man catching fire. With his recent success’ you’ll probably see his name headlining a few festivals this season. His EP full of stunning songs and an album in the works, he’ll definitely be in the circuit this year.

The Struts


Rockers from the UK, The Struts are everything you’d expect by looking at them. They go hard, loud and  make a memorable show.



Emotional, talented and simply flawless  Wet is a band you have to experience. Touring around the world they’ve been introducing their sound to crowds in intimate venues one show at a time.



Somewhere between The Ting Tings and MS MR, POWERS are a visual treat.  With the duo incorporating style into their blend of electro, they’re not only good, they’re interesting.

Atlas Genius


Already playing the Hangout Music Fest, Atlas Genius will also be at Firefly. The Australian duo started in 2011, since then, they’ve released two albums, the latest of which, Inanimate Objects, showcases the growth and talent of the young musicians. Their first album exploded onto the scene catching praise from Rolling Stone. With the success of Inanimate Objects, they’ll be another name found on festivals bills on their upswing.

Catfish & The Bottlemen


The always dark and brooding rock stars in the making. Seeing them at Osheaga, you get entrapped in their aura of pure rock. They’re a tribute to everything good about music, adding their own attitude and mark along their way to the top of the rock scene.

But whatever floats your boat, there’s something for you. The festival has everyone from Ludacis to Earth, Wind, & Fire. Check out the full line up below.


Just Announced: The Edge Jingle Bell Concert Series

Coleman Hell (Photo: Timothy Saccenti)

Wolf Alice, Whitehorse, and Coleman Hell will be playing in this year’s Edge Jingle Bell Concert Series..and that’s just the beginning. Christmas can sure as hell come early if it means these names are coming to the city. Starting on November 21st Cario will kick off the series of shows, at MOD Club. The events will take place at various venues throughout the city like Adelaide Hall, The Phoenix, and Lee’s Palace. Taking place from November to December 17th, the shows will feature a discovery series featuring some local acts, like Blue Sky Miners.

Tickets are already on sale, check out more at The Edge.

The Shows

Cario – The Mod Cub – November 21st

Houndmouth – The Mod Club – Dec 1st

Whitehorse – Danforth Music Hall Dec 2nd

Wolf Alice + Brave Shores – The Phoenix Concert Center – Dec 4th

K.I.D. + The Beaches – Lee’s Palace – Dec 10th

Coleman Hell – Lee’s Palace – Dec 17th

All You Need To Know About The Casbys

Yukon Blonde – 2015 Performers

You voted, you decided, now we wait for the show. Thursday, massive names will pile into The Phoenix Concert centre to claim their awards at the 2015 CASBY Awards, presented by The Edge 102.1. But that’s not the only thing going down. The Zolas, Yukon Blonde  and USS are just a few of the bands that will be taking the stage for fans to put on breathtaking performances.

The Performers

There are some exciting names taking the stage! Just announced, Monster Truck will be opening the show. Amid the excitement, 2015 winners of The Edge’s Next Big Thing competition, Ivory Hours will get their chance to shine.

But I’m waiting to see Young Empires. With the recent release of their newest album, The Gates, the Toronto bound guys have showed off their new chops. And of course who isn’t excited to see one of the biggest bands in the country right now, Yukon Blonde?

Now check out some of the:

The Nominees

For weeks fans have been voting their favourite bands to glory. The Edge also gave away tickets to some of the lucky few who voted their way into the exclusive show. Tomorrow night we’ll find out the results.

Favourite New Record

Favourite New Song

 New Artist

Favourite Sugar Beach Session

Didn’t win tickets? No worries! You can catch the live stream tomorrow night at 8 on The Edge.ca!