Instant Dance Party: Coleman Hell + Ria Mae @ The CNE


Sept 1st 2016 – Coleman Hell headlines The CNE Bandshell concert with supporting act Ria Mae


Coleman Hell, walked onto stage and was met with cheers so loud, every other sound at the CNE was drowned out. The smell of ribs, cotton candy and popcorn wafted through the air, but once Hell hit the stage he turned the fair into a nightclub. Flashing lights and thumping bass, Hell pranced across the stage with an energy, that song and song again, never died.

Excited fan during Mae’s set.

Because when Ria Mae tells you to take your clothes off, you do. Fans swayed along to the performer’s set, while mouthing lyrics. All seemed to be charmed by the oddly endearing mix of Mae’s rapper persona, rocker look and R&B sound.

Ria Mae

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