[Top Five] Releases to get you through quarantine

Declan McKenna – “The Key to Life on Earth.” Everything McKenna writes is a beautifully dark take on society. It’s even more daunting and appealing coming from someone so young. The 21-year-old released an eerie video for the second single off of his upcoming album Zeros. July Talk – “Governess Shadow” The beloved Toronto-based JulyContinue reading “[Top Five] Releases to get you through quarantine”

What do you think about the car? – Review

First falling in love with the single, Brazil (2015), the upbeat single with an oddly adult message. Released by a then, 16-year old Declan McKenna, the charm of the endearingly different performer made him stand apart from other singer-songwriters. After two years of EP’s featuring danceable music contrasted with important messages, McKenna has finally setContinue reading “What do you think about the car? – Review”

Front row pass: Declan McKenna in Ireland

Which of these thing will you find at a Declan McKenna concert: crying, screaming, girls nearly passing out and a stage full of glitter? Trick question. These are all unavoidable. The 18 year-old singer-songwriter is a talent driving people overseas into hyperventilating messes.  It’s only a matter of time before North American catches on to whatContinue reading “Front row pass: Declan McKenna in Ireland”

The One to Watch: Declan Mckenna

EP after great EP, Declan McKenna will finally be releasing the debut album we’ve been waiting for. What Do You Think About the Car will be available July 21st and I’ll be counting down. Don’t know who McKenna is? Well, you should.  Brazil, is the addicting-sweet song I first heard. Contrasted with an honest depth thatContinue reading “The One to Watch: Declan Mckenna”

[Top Five] Have You Heard?

Timber Timber – “Sewer Blues” From the depths of nightmare’s and the heart of sadness, Timber Timber are back with a new track that is a much more tame take on their normal sound. Off of their upcoming album, Sincerely, Future Pollution (out in April), Sewer Blues is a slow rock ballad that is slightly off centre ofContinue reading “[Top Five] Have You Heard?”