What do you think about the car? – Review


First falling in love with the single, Brazil (2015), the upbeat single with an oddly adult message. Released by a then, 16-year old Declan McKenna, the charm of the endearingly different performer made him stand apart from other singer-songwriters.

After two years of EP’s featuring danceable music contrasted with important messages, McKenna has finally set forth his debut album. What do you think about the car? is everything promised by previous releases. The theme of honestly is poetically weaved into songs you want to stand up and scream. The album features tracks like Brazil and Paracetamol previously released on his EP’s, though one of the front runner tracks is, Humongous. McKenna has a genuine appeal to him that makes one stop and truly listen to the lyrics and message. Tackling gender, androgyny and promoting acceptance the album is a dark feel good listen.

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