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This is What Happened at Skizzy Mars + P-LO

Skizzy Mars 4

Once and a while it’s fun to dabble in another genre. To pick an artist unfamiliar and go into the show blind. This time Skizzy Mars was the focus of this experiment. The hip-hop artist played the MOD Club on Saturday April 2nd, just a few days before his album, Alone Together, out today, released.


A lot of “this is my song”. All ages shows are always a little bit more rowdy. Teenagers and a night without parents makes teens so a little crazy. Play their favourite rap song during a DJ set and damn; watch them go off.

Enter P-Lo.

Jumping to survive. The rapper entered the stage to an already gyrating audience. The screams split through my ear plugs, rendering them nearly useless. His set was high energy and the crowd definitely kept up. Half of the set was probably spent in the air.

Cellphones obstructing your view. It’s fine, I get it…the younger crowd, meant there was bound to be snapping? and tweeting? Facebook? (insert young people things). It wouldn’t have been an issue if the crowd, mostly men, weren’t so tall. Because if you’re over 5,10, MAYBE don’t raise your arms an extra two feet for a photo…says the tiny person behind you.

Skizzy Mars2

The love for Skizzy Mars. It’s always impressive when an artist can get a crowd so amped that you actually stop watching the show and begin watching how enthralled everyone on the floor is. Especially those front row. Pouring everything into his Toronto performance, Skizzy Mars never spent more than a new seconds away from the stages edge, where his die-hards touched him as long and often as they could.

The rapper definitely has talent, and a following that will bring him far. While this isn’t my type of music, the show was enjoyable and even titled my interest into the genre.

Show gallery

Skizzy Mars 7.jpg

Fred and Mel’s Secret Show: The Lumineers

The Lumineers

Big band. Small Venue. Win to enter. The words had been said over 102.1 The Edge for weeks in anticipation for Fred and Mel’s Secret show. The secret band would be playing the MOD Club and no one would find out who was playing until they hit the stage.

Murmurs of the suspected band passed throughout the line, which was wrapped around the block. It was time to find out who all the fuss was about. By the time the doorman gave out stamps everyone was certain The Lumineers were waiting backstage.

The Lumineers 3

The rumours were true. The band took the stage after the crowd tucked away their phones in locked cases provided by the venue. They played songs off of their latest album, Cleopatra, and the hits everyone wanted to hear.During their breakout single, Ho Hey, a phone was spotted in the crowd by lead singer, Wesley Schultz.

Mid-song, Schultz stopped the band from playing and pointed to the crowd.

“Now, I’ve spotted a cell phone,” he chuckled, setting down his guitar. “I’m not playing until that’s gone.”

With a grin he sat on stage until security confiscated the phone. The crowd laughed as he picked up his guitar and began at the note he left off at.

The evening came before any future Toronto show dates were announced.

For Lumineers fans who didn’t get a chance to see the show. As of today, the band announced a Toronto tour date. The band will be back in Toronto on July 28th.


Live: Young Galaxy @The Mod Club

Young Galaxy.jpg
February 17th – Young Galaxy @ Mod Club 

The lights went out  mid-set and the stage at the Mod Club cleared  of all, as Young Galaxy’s Catherine McCandless stood alone with a microphone in her grip.

“We’re debating whether or not to continue,” she told the crowd.  Taking the stage with a throat cold, McCandless, received a barrage of deafening cheers and pleads from the crowd to continue. “We can go on but it sounds like garbage up here.” 

With a shrug, she seemed to give up, but as the cheering continued, the band reemerged from the stages side. The crowd gave high energy and support to the singer, visibly struggling to make the show sound good enough for the crowd. Though it seems, the sound issue was bothering the singer more than anyone else. Her voice had a slight edge, but was lovely. The performer showed how talented she was by managing to make it through the set while never missing a beat. Dancing from the beginning of the set until the end, Young Galaxy performed a visually pleasing set with a dazzling lazer light show.

Young Galaxy

Young Galaxy is a electronic-rock band with lush pop influences. Soft melodies paired with danceable beats and poetic lyrics make them an audible daydream. From Vancouver, the band is currently in the homestretch of their North American tour for their latest album, Falsework.