Fred and Mel’s Secret Show: The Lumineers

The Lumineers

Big band. Small Venue. Win to enter. The words had been said over 102.1 The Edge for weeks in anticipation for Fred and Mel’s Secret show. The secret band would be playing the MOD Club and no one would find out who was playing until they hit the stage.

Murmurs of the suspected band passed throughout the line, which was wrapped around the block. It was time to find out who all the fuss was about. By the time the doorman gave out stamps everyone was certain The Lumineers were waiting backstage.

The Lumineers 3

The rumours were true. The band took the stage after the crowd tucked away their phones in locked cases provided by the venue. They played songs off of their latest album, Cleopatra, and the hits everyone wanted to hear.During their breakout single, Ho Hey, a phone was spotted in the crowd by lead singer, Wesley Schultz.

Mid-song, Schultz stopped the band from playing and pointed to the crowd.

“Now, I’ve spotted a cell phone,” he chuckled, setting down his guitar. “I’m not playing until that’s gone.”

With a grin he sat on stage until security confiscated the phone. The crowd laughed as he picked up his guitar and began at the note he left off at.

The evening came before any future Toronto show dates were announced.

For Lumineers fans who didn’t get a chance to see the show. As of today, the band announced a Toronto tour date. The band will be back in Toronto on July 28th.


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