Live: Young Galaxy @The Mod Club

Young Galaxy.jpg
February 17th – Young Galaxy @ Mod Club 

The lights went out  mid-set and the stage at the Mod Club cleared  of all, as Young Galaxy’s Catherine McCandless stood alone with a microphone in her grip.

“We’re debating whether or not to continue,” she told the crowd.  Taking the stage with a throat cold, McCandless, received a barrage of deafening cheers and pleads from the crowd to continue. “We can go on but it sounds like garbage up here.” 

With a shrug, she seemed to give up, but as the cheering continued, the band reemerged from the stages side. The crowd gave high energy and support to the singer, visibly struggling to make the show sound good enough for the crowd. Though it seems, the sound issue was bothering the singer more than anyone else. Her voice had a slight edge, but was lovely. The performer showed how talented she was by managing to make it through the set while never missing a beat. Dancing from the beginning of the set until the end, Young Galaxy performed a visually pleasing set with a dazzling lazer light show.

Young Galaxy

Young Galaxy is a electronic-rock band with lush pop influences. Soft melodies paired with danceable beats and poetic lyrics make them an audible daydream. From Vancouver, the band is currently in the homestretch of their North American tour for their latest album, Falsework.


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