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Wolf Alice @ The Danforth

Dec 1st, 2017 – Wolf Alice @ The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto 

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a well deserved band make their way to the top. Just a few years ago Wolf Alice was playing to a nearly empty room at The Drake Hotel in Toronto, recently the North Londoner’s sold out The Danforth Music Hall. Their first album, My Love is Cool, proved they are everything that rock should be and more and it doesn’t hurt that they’re front by one of the most bad ass women. Their 2017 album, Vision of Life, solidified their status. Ellie Roswell proves girls can get gritty too. Her voice ranges from a daftly sweet whisper, Delete the kisses, to a ranging growl, You’re a Germ, that an entire audience with desperately mimic in a thrashing dancing fit.

Wolf Alice -28They are hardly a band to miss live and their Toronto show was no different. Having seen them first at an over crowded Adelaide Hall and every time since, their rowdy stage personas never fail to match their old rocker feel. Jumping into crowds, and covering every inch as they tare through their beloved hits to fans, there isn’t a show where the audience isn’t screaming the songs back at them. One listen and you’ll understand how deeply consuming they are.

[Top 5] Shows you CAN’T miss this week

The year is almost done and it’s provided some stellar acts. It can be hard to keep up who to see and who’s coming with this much action going on. This week in particular Toronto will be home to some AMAZING acts.

BAIO – Nov 27th

Starting off the week with a bit of fun BAIO is playing The Garrison. Departing from Vampire Weekend, the bassist takes a step into the spotlight with his version of EDM that melts indie rock into electro. He plays The Garrison at 8 P.M.

Dec 2nd – Wolf Alice

Always a step outside the boundaries of a genre, Wolf Alice is a band to never miss. Their debut album brought fourth the UK rockers in a blaze of perfected rock, while their latest release, Visions of a Life, solidified their talent as more than a one time wonder. If you’ve never seen them live, you need to get your tickets for their Danforth show while you still can.

Cold Specks – Nov 30th

A stunning voice with a powerful presence, Cold Specks is a ray of light on any stage. This week she’ll be gracing the MOD Club with her personally enthralling voice. Her latest album is raw, honest and stunning and she is an act to see.

SWMRS – Dec 2nd

These guys have turned their past venues into all out moshpits. All ages shows are always a bit of a riot, when SWMRS are the headliner it may be best to bring a helmet. This time SWMRS will be taking over The Opera House with their perfectly awkward Californian rock.


Gary Numan – Dec 1st.

An oddity with a sound out of the ’80s, Numan will be bringing his outlandish charm to The Opera House. His albums are all indulged in his quirks but his persona is best to be experienced live.


They’re back! *New* Wolf Alice – “Yuk Foo”

2015wolfalice_jf_141215-920x6102015 was the year of Wolf Alice. Their debut, My love is cool,  was released internatonally and kept them on the road for months. Well if you’ve been craving more from the UK band, then prepare to be excited because they’re about the make 2017 they’re year. Yuk Foo, is off of the bands new album, Visions of  Life. The track is a bold new direction for the band. Leaving behind their perfected grunge sound, the track tackles something harder and new. Taking a hard step into punk, Wolf Alice kills the new sound which isn’t surprising.

Check out the new video below.

Jingle Bell Series: Wolf Alice and Brave Shores

Wolf Alice1=3

As the holidays grow near and the season gets more aggressive, so do the bands in the Jingle Bell Series. Bringing all of the rockers out to play, Wolf Alice headlined a show at the Phoenix on Friday. Playing songs off of their debut album, My Love Is Cool, the four-piece rock band from the UK made their stop in Toronto a memorable show. Playing a few months ago at Adelaide Hall, the band amped up their energy to match the larger venue. They seamlessly fit into the larger space and the slightly less impersonal feel was outweighed by dedicated fans jumping at the bands feet.

Brave Shores

Brave Shores played to an amped up crowd. They’re slightly haunting, a little bit quirky and perfectly in their own sound. Heavy synth inspired songs with a pop infused tone added a little dancing to the evening.

Such great names and the series is far from over. The next shows in the series are Bear Mountain at Adelaide Hall and The Beaches with K.I.D. at Lee’s Palace on December 10th. Following is Banners on the 11th at The Drake.

Just Announced: The Edge Jingle Bell Concert Series

Coleman Hell (Photo: Timothy Saccenti)

Wolf Alice, Whitehorse, and Coleman Hell will be playing in this year’s Edge Jingle Bell Concert Series..and that’s just the beginning. Christmas can sure as hell come early if it means these names are coming to the city. Starting on November 21st Cario will kick off the series of shows, at MOD Club. The events will take place at various venues throughout the city like Adelaide Hall, The Phoenix, and Lee’s Palace. Taking place from November to December 17th, the shows will feature a discovery series featuring some local acts, like Blue Sky Miners.

Tickets are already on sale, check out more at The Edge.

The Shows

Cario – The Mod Cub – November 21st

Houndmouth – The Mod Club – Dec 1st

Whitehorse – Danforth Music Hall Dec 2nd

Wolf Alice + Brave Shores – The Phoenix Concert Center – Dec 4th

K.I.D. + The Beaches – Lee’s Palace – Dec 10th

Coleman Hell – Lee’s Palace – Dec 17th

Last Night With Wolf Alice & Drenge

Wolf Alice

There may never be a show as intimate with Wolf Alice again.  Some went to Nuit Blance but the un-missable moment Saturday was at Adelaide Hall. All the way from the UK, Ellie Rowsell, Joff Oddie, Joel Amey, Theo Ellis, better known as Wolf Alice, played a sold-out show with Drenge and it was every bit as epic as that sounds.



From overseas brothers Eoin and Rory Loveless make up Drenge, as well as, touring-mate and bassist Rob Graham. An unfamiliar start to the evening ended in familiar motions of head-banging, dancing and a found love for the brothers. Two albums down, Drenge has a daunting rock sound that enclasped Adelaide Hall. Starting off the night, the played songs off their album and tackled something a little more unknown to their fans.

“Taylor Swift is playing tonight,” Eoin said. The mates shared a look and without a word, busted into a hardcore-grunge version of Swift’s We Are Never Getting Back Together, that, even as a joke, was sadly better than the original. After a shared laugh, they busted back into their set which inevitably ended with Eoin on the ground, Graham bend-over, and Rory sweaty and so drenched in their performance, they walked off stage to a shrilling guitar.

Wolf Alice 

Rowsell walked on stage with a smile that couldn’t hide her excitement, the crowd goes wild as she moved to the front. Smiling into the bright lights and over-excited audience, with eyes so appreciative, she scanned the filled room before unleashing herself. On either side of Ellie, Joff Oddie, (guitar) plays with an energy  that rushes straight into the crowd. Bassist, Theo Ellis dances decked in glitter, to the girls at the front who brought their own tubes of glittering glue that they’ve smeared beneath their eyes to match him.  At the back, drummer Joel Amey dazzles like a true rockstar from under a mess of hair, layer of sweat and a musically endued trance. All put-together in a blue velvet shirt and slacks, you could see as he grew further away from the reality and further into the music with each song, playing to the moment.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is nothing better than a ‘baby band’. Watching an amazing band rise to their rightful spot in glory is pretty satisfying and special when you get to see it first hand. The venues get bigger, as do the crowds. But right in the middle of the take off, they play those perfect shows, where the sizeable crowd is enthralling but not overwhelming, and the  venue is still intimate enough so the show doesn’t feel like a spectacle.

With the fast growing successes of Wolf Alice since their break-out video, Moaning Lisa Smile, in 2014 there has been no going back to their days of sleeping on floors while touring. Releasing a stunning debut, My Love Is Cool, back in June of this year the band is quickly catching fire wherever they go. After hearing the album it’s pretty clear why. With perfectly mastered melodies, a good old rock sound and an attitude embedded into each song, the four-piece band has a sound that sticks with you.