Jingle Bell Series: Wolf Alice and Brave Shores

Wolf Alice1=3

As the holidays grow near and the season gets more aggressive, so do the bands in the Jingle Bell Series. Bringing all of the rockers out to play, Wolf Alice headlined a show at the Phoenix on Friday. Playing songs off of their debut album,Β My Love Is Cool, the four-piece rock band from the UK made their stop in Toronto a memorable show. Playing a few months ago at Adelaide Hall, the band amped up their energy to match the larger venue. They seamlessly fit into the larger space and the slightly less impersonal feel was outweighed by dedicated fans jumping at the bands feet.

Brave Shores

Brave Shores played to an amped up crowd. They’re slightly haunting, a little bit quirky and perfectly in their own sound. Heavy synth inspired songs with a pop infused tone added a little dancing to the evening.

Such great names and the series is far from over. The next shows in the series are Bear Mountain at Adelaide Hall and The Beaches with K.I.D. at Lee’s Palace on December 10th. Following is Banners on the 11th at The Drake.

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