Live: Maybelleen with Do Tell & A Listers

Maybelleen @ The Cavern 2

With their beers on the stage’s edge and their shoes forgotten somewhere backstage, Do Tell ended the night by sending good southern vibes into the crowd with their foot-stomping, hand-clapping, rockabilly-folk set. From the modest stage they struck the room with their pure intent to have a good time by laughing with one another, dancing and cracking jokes at and with the crowd. The six-member set up, including three singers, managed to insert their positive energy into the room while impressing all who hadn’t heard of them with rich harmonies by vocalists Emma Schnurr and Caitlin Comeau-Jarvis. While on guitar, vocalist Steven Herman got cheeky with the crowd and faded into the back until it was time for him to unleash his rounded, raspy voice unto the audience. The room fed off the band’s energy by taking a seat in front of the stage, raising their beers or by letting out their best moves in the back.

Earlier in the evening Maybelleen, Peter and Charles Camiré from Montreal, took the stage. After a bumpy start with a few technical difficulties, the French boys played a great set. Focusing on playing songs from their latest EP, Stereotypes, the brothers sent good vibes into the crowd. Their interaction with the audience was minimal, but their eye catching attire and unique stage presence spoke for them.

The youngin’s on the block, A Listers, opened the show. With an interesting stage presence, including a saxophonist, they had range of genres from blues, rock to funk. The crowd jammed with them and while their set wasn’t particularly as clean sounding as it could have been, the crowd had fun showing them their love.

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