Meet your new obsession: Methyl Ethel

11090845_895820897127519_7879652990430837655_oWhy’d you have to go and cut your hair? Often us humans irrationally react to change, other times, we welcome and embrace it. Cutting our hair leaves us showcasing our changed selves to the world. The question featured in Methyl Ethel’s new single, Ubu, may be a symbolic note their completely altered sound.

Months ago, after a swift kick to the head from a stage diver set forth a concussion from hell, bed rest was the only option. After countless mind-numbing hours in bed searching for new voices to nurse me to health passed the time. A mistaken stumble brought me to the sweetly odd angelic voice of Jake Webb.

Shadowboxing was the tantric treat and gem of the 2015 album, Oh Inhuman Spectacle, named rightly so. Throughout the album an alien type of dream pop transcends you through each song. Intricately layered sounds, tones and instruments overwhelm your senses.

Off of their upcoming sophomore album, Everything is Forgotten, Ubu still has the essence of the band weaved through it. It’s a step back from alternative, instead shifting focus onto oddly endearing catchy numbers.

Take a listen to the addicting track below and fall in love with Australia’s hidden gem, Methyl Ethel.

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