Spotlight: Basement Revolver “Johnny”

The song is something you’d expect to hear inside the mind of a freshly broken person. With their life falling downward, a contrast of happiness heard in the guitar, turns the song into a reminder of the temporary state. It’s a lush experience as Chrisy Hurn introduces herself though a sweetly tragic strum of guitar. AnContinue reading “Spotlight: Basement Revolver “Johnny””

You Need to Hear: Ida Maria “I’m Gonna Tell God All of my Troubles”

  If there is one artist you need to start listening to,if you haven’t already it’s Ida Maria. The Norwegian songstress first caught my attention way back in 2009 when she was singing about getting naked with her breakout single I Like You so Much Better When You’re Naked.  In the years since her firstContinue reading “You Need to Hear: Ida Maria “I’m Gonna Tell God All of my Troubles””

New | Hot Hot Heat “Kid Who Stays in the Picture”

  They’re back, frizzy hair and all. Hot Hot Heat are surprising fans with long awaited new music and summer tour. Though the bands return isn’t all good news. Their latest single, The Kid Who Stays in the Picture, is the first off of their new album, which will be their last.The upcoming album from HHHContinue reading “New | Hot Hot Heat “Kid Who Stays in the Picture””

*New* Dirty Nil’s “Wrestle Yü To Hüsker Dü” Video

  Fresh out today, Dirty Nil released their latest video, Wrestle Yü To Hüsker Dü. The video features footage taken from their shows, giving the ultimate insight to the gritty, raw rush that you experience front row (without being trampled in the mosh pit that is). The track is off of their latest album, Higher Power, whichContinue reading “*New* Dirty Nil’s “Wrestle Yü To Hüsker Dü” Video”

Incase you haven’t been near the internet all day, here’s there video everyone is talking about

  OK GO is known for their mind bending videos, but their latest Upside down & Inside Out  showcases them flipping, throwing laptops and galavanting with stewardess’ all in zero gravity. Shot in Russia on real flights, the visually thrilling video was shot in one take and is one of Ok Go’s most impressive triumphContinue reading “Incase you haven’t been near the internet all day, here’s there video everyone is talking about”

Young Rival’s New Video | Scruples

Yesterday Indie premiered the new video, Scruples, by Young Rival. You know that creepy guy? You’ve met him at a store, on the street, or in Young Rival’s case in a bar. Scruples is a video that puts that guy front and centre. The character, played by singer, Aron D’Alesio, is taken from reality and reimagined inContinue reading “Young Rival’s New Video | Scruples”

“Were You Ever A Dreamer?” | New Young Galaxy

  Almost there Young Galaxy fans. With a tour on the way, the band has released a little something to tide you over. Their new single, Were You Ever A Dreamer?, off of their latest album, Falsework, has been released right on the cusp of their North American tour. The track features focus on Catherine McCandless, andContinue reading ““Were You Ever A Dreamer?” | New Young Galaxy”

New Music | Victoria + Jean Once Again Kill it With Their New Single “Härligt Sverige”

There is no need for set up. These two are some of the most glorious musicians around. If you haven’t come across the Swedish stars on the brink of becoming rock’s best duo, Victoria + Jean, then take some time and listen to their new single. Just announcing their debut album, Divine Love, out AprilContinue reading “New Music | Victoria + Jean Once Again Kill it With Their New Single “Härligt Sverige””

You Need to Hear: Lewis Del Mar – “Loud(y)”

“Can you please sit the fuck down?” Singer/guitarist Danny Miller and drummer/producer Max Harwood ask politely of you in their stunning debut single, Loud(y). Freshly signed to Colombia Records, the experimental duo have one of the strongest debuts singles off of their self titled debut EP, I’ve come across in a long while. It’s nothing short of perfection.Continue reading “You Need to Hear: Lewis Del Mar – “Loud(y)””