Bloody Guitarists and Epic Hair: Last Night with Bully

Monday night The Garrison held an interesting crowd. The venue was packed with those still recovering from the music festival weekend. Now after a weekend full of amazing bands, what could possibly lead people out to a show? Bully. Because if Bully comes to town, you sure as hell can’t miss it. Part of the first year-round NXNE showcase, including  Fake Limbs the night was surely going to be a good one. If you’ve heard the amazingness that is Bully’s debut album “Feels Like” then you’d probably expect a rowdy night ending in a few bruises. But as it turns out, aside from a few lazy head banging, you’ve probably never seen a rock crowd as calm as this.

In jean shorts and a shirt that didn’t fully fit, Fake Limbs started things off with some noise rock that began on stage and ended on the floor in the crowd. Sounds exciting, but it was really more of scene. Stephen Sowley ran off into the crowd mid-set and despite the crowd moving further away and the poor people he was whipping with the mic cord, he decided to stay there for the rest of the set. Ending under a stool in a sweaty gasping heap, he sure as hell gave it his all and no one can take that away from them.

 And let’s not forget the guitarist who bit down on a blood pack somewhere through Sowley’s in-crowd adventure.  Staying to the side of the stage, Bryan Gleason pulled attention in by bleeding down his chin and over his white guitar strap, y’know, as one does. The gimmicks were entertaining and whether you liked them or not, they definitely made themselves memorable.

Bully 5

The stage front was crowded as soon as the band took their places. As soon as Alicia Bognanno unleashed herself onto the crowd she mesmerized the already wound up audience. In short, they were exactly as amazing live as you’d expect. Sounding just as gritty and raw as they do in their album, Bully has nothing to prove and a long road ahead of them. As soon as the show was over, everyone was only wanting more. If you haven’t discovered Bully, you have no idea what you’re missing.

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