The Grotesque (and unavoidable) Things You’ll Experience When Front Row @ Fat White Family

Fat White Family

Ah yes, cheers to some good old rock music. The energy is high and the music of Fat White Family is pretty damn sick, both positively (and negatively). Being front row is an experience that had some covering their eyes; backing away in disgust and relishing in Saudi’s (lead) sweat-shower. The London-based band Lias Saudi (vocals), Saul Adamczewski (vocals, guitar), Adam J Harmer (guitar), Nathan Saudi (organ), Joseph Pancucci (bass) and Dan Lyons (drums) played The Horseshoe Tavern before GOASST for CMW. As everyone was packed as tightly to the stage as possible, anticipating Sean Lennon, they got more than a few surprises from FWF. If you ever get a chance to experience this band, here’s a little warning for those front row lovers and an insight into what can only be described as an experience too rude for Canadians.

Fat White Family @The Horseshoe

A D*** in the Face—No I don’t mean a pelvic thrust or two, while there were plenty of those. I mean full on hairy, naked balls gripped and swung around for all to see. If you’ve seen FWF live before, thankfully, you have some sort of idea this is coming and can prepare yourself . Saudi runs around on stage slowly undressing as he gyrates his thin body to the rhythm. By the second song his shirt is gone and by the third, his pants have fallen, well-below crack level, and can’t quite seem to get back up. The set continues and your eyes flicker to his pubic hair every now and again (out of disgust or interest that’s your business), and you wonder…will those jeans stay up? Near the end of the set, Saudi banishes all wonder and, well, just whips it right out, gives it a shake, and scars more than a few in the crowd.

A face full of A**—Pale, white sweaty ass to be more specific. Like I mentioned, those pants are about a size too big. If you see a little bit of crack during the performance consider yourself lucky. As Saudi hops around on stage his pants continuously, slowly inch down. While the energy is what makes the band so great, you’ll notice the crowd recede as the lead nears the edge of the stage with his dangerously low pants. Because, no matter whose it is, you never want to be slapped in the face with an ass. It’s not written anywhere, but I’m pretty sure if you slap someone in face with an ass in Canada, you’re not allowed back.

Fat White Family  @ The Horseshoe

An overwhelming odour—I get it. It’s hot and the crowd is hot, throw some lights and some running around with four other men, who are just as sweaty and hot and there is bound to be a small. I’ve been to concerts before. BUT, there was something more than excitement in the air as soon as the band came on stage. I couldn’t tell who it was, but it was there to start off the show…a little deodorant never hurt anyone guys.

A sweat-shower– There is no avoiding it you will get wet. Saudi loves being close to his fans and the sweaty little man sweats up a storm. He isn’t the only member worthy of the sweat mention, Adamczewski (guitar) knows a thing or two about being overly sweaty and gives the crowd a taste of his juices. The hair whipping makes for some great photos and adds to the experience, but you may have a duck a few times to avoid an eyeful of their sweat…well, you can try at least.

A Beer Bath—who doesn’t like a nice cold beer? Right? Who doesn’t like it when that beer is poured all over them? This girl. It goes without saying that if you’re front row at any punker/rock show you’re going to get a beer or two (…or seven) spilled or sprayed on you. It’s part of the atmosphere, there’s no hate there. Though…an entire beer being dumped on someone directly in the front by the lead takes things to another level…it was a first…a sticky, off-putting, messy, unappreciated first. Little note, beer stings like a bitch when it gets in your eye.

A Stage Dive—it wasn’t exactly a stage dive, but more of a “here I am, let me rub my body for you while on your level” jump into the crowd. Feeding purely off the crowd’s energy, the dive wasn’t out of place. Though, the long cord from the mic whipped a few poor photographers and a few innocent concertgoers in the face and took a little away from the show when you’re ducking to avoid the lashing. When you’re in rocker mode that only add to the experience, but perhaps that may have been a little more enjoyable from the back.

 A Great Show—Overall these guys were stellar. They had a tight set filled with their off-kilter, trailer-punk rock, high-energy, and a very memorable performance, and with a festival with hundreds of bands, it’s always great to be one of the most-memorable things seen.

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