You Need to Listen To: Little May


There isn’t much to say aside from, if you haven’t heard of them, listen to everything they’ve ever made. Haunting and magical, Little May is an indie folk band that has an overwhelming, perfectly dark undertone. The trio, Hannah Field, Liz Drummond and Annie Hamilton; Little May, formed in Sydney, Australia in 2012 when three friends began making music.

Their advanced beautiful take on music captures fans at first listen. Still at the start of their career, they’re quickly gaining attention with such strong singles as Boardwalks and Hide.  Both songs show how the band can entrap you in a world masterfully created with story-like lyrics, yet display different strengths.

lm_packshot Hide, is shocking and dark, hymns fill the acoustic guitar heavy track, and the layered tones create an interesting dynamic. Boardwalks, which has been featured in commercials might be the bands more well-known track. It emphasis guitar once again, but with a lighthearted melody and catchy tempo. When listening to their album, For The Company, there is the fully rounded sense of songs offering both gleeful and daunting tones. The pairings in each of the songs create an interesting life to the album.

If you haven’t heard them, give their track, Hide, a listen.


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