You Need to Hear: I.AM.L “Lionheart”



Out of nowhere she comes with vocals powerful enough to take on Florence +The Machine. With her face covered and some sort of lengthy material trailing in the wind behind her, I.AM.L. is a stunning artist both visually and musically.  Master of the haunted world heard in her single, Lionheart, her ability to create within a song is a rare ability many songwriters lack. She leads you in, caressing away your doubt, before she shocks you by shining a light on darkness. The sound is instantly capturing, making you want to know more about her, listen to more of her, and find out where she’s been.

For now, you’ll have to press re-play on her only single. But according to her Facebook her debut EP is underway and to be released early this year. For now enjoy the single, Lionheart. 



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