Seen. Chewed. Reviewed: Ezra Furman + Stef Chura @ Lee’s Palace

Three songs in, Ezra Furman has thrown his camisole off unveiling a dark dress. Pearls are twisted around Furman’s neck as the guitar in their hands wail comes to an end and Furman takes a breath to address the crowd. “I’m not going to try too hard to play your favourite songs, tonight we’re playingContinue reading “Seen. Chewed. Reviewed: Ezra Furman + Stef Chura @ Lee’s Palace”

Seen. Chewed. Reviewed: Stella Donnelly @ The Drake

Stella Donnelly walked the stage alone to a roaring welcome of cheers. Donnelly was all smiles as she took her place behind the mic. That was until her first note played and she transcended herself into a special place with just her and her guitar. It’s no secret that Australia has some of the bestContinue reading “Seen. Chewed. Reviewed: Stella Donnelly @ The Drake”

[Review] Get young again because Los Campesinos are back

Around 16 years old I recall seeing a Budwiser commercial that made me awfully excited about things I did not care about. Beer and baseball were not my great loves, nor would be anytime soon. The same couldn’t be said about that energetic  melody beginning with a few simple guitar strums playing in the backgroundContinue reading “[Review] Get young again because Los Campesinos are back”

Cash me at MOD Club…howbow dah?

Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie…aka the “cash me outside” girl  is not playing around when it comes to her rap career. After being signed to Atlantic records and adopting the name Bhad Bhabie, (yes this is real), Bregoli has set out on tour. Being 15, it’s not a surprise that her fans are close inContinue reading “Cash me at MOD Club…howbow dah?”

Bruised knees, covered in beer, and a guy who is a little too into it [Front row at Idles]

Don’t think you’ll be able to walk away unscathed. Idles bring a crowd so dedicated to destruction you’ll hardly be able to stand up. If the front row is your scene you might want reevaluate or bring a helmet. Their rowdy rock from overseas has a way of getting anyone riled up. If it doesn’tContinue reading “Bruised knees, covered in beer, and a guy who is a little too into it [Front row at Idles]”

Beth Ditto’s Return To Toronto

Months after cancelling her Toronto show hours before doors, Beth Ditto emerged onto the MOD Club stage to a forging audience. The St. Patrick’s day show began with a slow ballad crushing any reminiscence of a Gossip show. Ditto’s previous band broke up nearly six years before her latest album, Fake Sugar, released. Throughout the show, youContinue reading “Beth Ditto’s Return To Toronto”

STARCRAWLER @ The Garrison

Starcrawler is a baby band with an old soul. Emerging past electronic synths during the band’s formation, their music is a tribute to everything gritty about rock ‘n roll. They thrive in iconic styles fail to make it on stage in today’s market, which is slightly ironic considering their hardly out of high school.  FrontContinue reading “STARCRAWLER @ The Garrison”

[Live] Widowspeak @ The Garrison

Watch Widowspeak if you dare, but be warned you’re in for a lot more than a show. With all the TIFF excitement and arriving to a room alive with cheers, one would forget it’s a Monday night at The Garrison. Despite the events and the weekday, Widowspeak managed to pull a hefty crowd. Vocalist, MollyContinue reading “[Live] Widowspeak @ The Garrison”

Front row at the most Canadian showcase

Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs opened Hopped and Confused with their matching denim and punk rock attitude. These guys have the presence of true rock and rollers who love what they do. It was impossible to stand still while watching them play. They create an energetic and fun environment that will make any audienceContinue reading “Front row at the most Canadian showcase”

What do you think about the car? – Review

First falling in love with the single, Brazil (2015), the upbeat single with an oddly adult message. Released by a then, 16-year old Declan McKenna, the charm of the endearingly different performer made him stand apart from other singer-songwriters. After two years of EP’s featuring danceable music contrasted with important messages, McKenna has finally setContinue reading “What do you think about the car? – Review”