Exclusive: Meet the Star on the Rise, James Hersey

It doesn’t take much to make James Hersey smile, just sing his songs back at him. This was the case on his last headlining tour. “When people sing along with me, I love that,” Hersey said. “My last headlining tour in Germany was insane, they knew every word!” With the massive success of his incrediblyContinue reading “Exclusive: Meet the Star on the Rise, James Hersey”

Have You Met The Lifers?

Meet The Lifers, Liv and Anita Cazzola, harmonic vocalists of the Toronto-based band. Since their move from Guelph to Toronto, the folk duo are making their name known one ballad at a time. With a new single, Home for the Weekend, currently on their first cross Canada tour, these sisters are ones to keep an eye on. They describe their sound asContinue reading “Have You Met The Lifers?”

Exclusive: Andrew Silvestro Introduces His New Band: Bad Girls.

Well lookie what I’ve found, a lost post from Canadian Music Weeks with Toronto-based duo, Bad Girls. Take a read and meet the boys of the band.  Starting off in January of this year, the band Bad Girls was able to snag two showcases at Toronto’s up- coming Canadian Music Week on Thursday May 7thContinue reading “Exclusive: Andrew Silvestro Introduces His New Band: Bad Girls.”

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Little Boxer

If you like Toronto’s music scene, chances are you’ve seen, or heard of Little Boxer. What makes the band so intriguing is the husky voice of lead, Zachary Erickson that elevates their alternative rock into a unique territory separating them from other bands. With the mixture of the surprising talent of Juan Udarbe, who makesContinue reading “Five Things You Didn’t Know About Little Boxer”

You Need to Listen To: The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (GOASTT)

“We are going to get fully naked and cover ourselves in Crisco and play the Canadian national anthem,” Kemp Muhl said about the performance at Canadian Music Week. They didn’t fulfill their promise but they did put on an interesting set. Their far from normal sense-of-self leaks into their humour, music videos and music. InterviewingContinue reading “You Need to Listen To: The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (GOASTT)”

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Skye Wallace

Two words come to mind when you hear Skye Wallace, haunting and beautiful. The Canadian artist threads the sounds of the prairies into a one of a kind alternative-folk with a country attitude. Smart lyrics juxtaposed with tones, song titles and melody amplify the thought and skill put into each one of her three albums.Continue reading “Five Things You Didn’t Know About Skye Wallace”

Hot Panda’s Chris Connelly is Preparing to “Kick Your Ass” at CMW

Oh, I’m calling on my teenage self for this one. Upon my search through the bands of CMW, there was one that I was so pleased to find, it had my inner teen screaming and my adult-self planning my evening around the show. For nine years, Hot Panda has been making their way through theContinue reading “Hot Panda’s Chris Connelly is Preparing to “Kick Your Ass” at CMW”

CMW: Q&A with Juno Nominated, 1977

A few weeks ago on a, what seems to be rare, sunny Sunday afternoon, I couldn’t be bothered to do much of anything aside from listening to an array of indie videos on Youtube. While I wasted away my me day, the chilled tunes took an interesting turn that had be rushing for my computer screenContinue reading “CMW: Q&A with Juno Nominated, 1977”