Exclusive: Andrew Silvestro Introduces His New Band: Bad Girls.

Well lookie what I’ve found, a lost post from Canadian Music Weeks with Toronto-based duo, Bad Girls. Take a read and meet the boys of the band. Bad girlss

Starting off in January of this year, the band Bad Girls was able to snag two showcases at Toronto’s up- coming Canadian Music Week on Thursday May 7th at Sneaky Dee’s and Friday May 8th at Hard Luck Bar. The three members, Andrew Silvestro (bass, guitar, vocals) Mat Araujo (guitar, bass, vocals) Brandon Bak (drums, vocals) have a rock- grunge, high-energy sound heard in their tracks Wasted Teenagers and Try. Though the band has three members, founding members Silvestro and Araujo are the faces of the band. With the heavy guitar and the raspy voice of the lead, the band’s music is a collaboration of different musical genres and they are quickly gaining attention with good reason. Their sound is comparable to Tokyo Police Club, Hollerado and Deer Tick, yet they offer a fresh energy only a Toronto born band could offer. During the preparations for their upcoming shows, Silvestro (left) took some time to explain a little bit about the band’s hushed history.

Band Bio:
A: The band was the brainchild of myself (Silvestro) and Mathew Araujo. The two of us were in another band before for about 5 years. Mat and I are the primary song-writers so when that band folded we created Bad Girls.
Describe your sound:
A: Sound wise, I think we are a good mix of old and new. We have elements of old sixties garage rock, and punk but we have taken that and put our spin on it and made it modern.
Where did the name “Bad Girls” come from?
A: The band name came from a song we wrote called bad girls. When we were toying with the band name we were working on that song in the studio that day and we collectively decided that it would be a cool name.
How did you get into Canadian Music Week?
A: As for getting into Canadian Music Week we have been fortunate enough to meet Justin Kwan the festival manager. We applied and they liked our stuff so much that they gave us some really good opportunities to showcase our stuff so we are really excited about that.
What can we expect from Bad Girls?
There is an EP coming out but we haven’t set a date yet. More than likely a stream will be released on SoundCloud where people can access the whole EP. It’s worth noting that we worked with two prominent producers on this record. Japeth Maw(Lyon) and Ian Alexander Smith which was a fantastic experience and I think the quality of the record really demonstrates that.
 What are you looking forward to most about playing CMW?
I’d say the exposure is what we are most looking forward too. We’re on two really good showcases at two good venues so the rooms should be pretty full. Introducing our music to new people is what I think every artist wants on some level.
And playing with the bands we are in the showcases with that’s good to be a great experience as well
What do you want people to take away from your performances?
 A: I think what we want people to take away from our music, or at least what I’m hoping people with take away, is a “sense of wow”. This band is brand new for us so people don’t really know who we are right now. If people walk away saying, “Wow those guys were great” it becomes more probable that those people will walk away from the show remembering who we are and hopefully will seek out our shows in the future.

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