[You Need to Hear] Dream Wife “Sports”

Dream Wife is back with a vengeance. The UK-based trio set forth a new single, Sports. The track is full of the same thriving-fuck-you energy that makes them ones to watch. Accompanied by a retro neon video game themed video, Sports is exactly what we needed to get revved for their next album, So WhenContinue reading “[You Need to Hear] Dream Wife “Sports””

The Coathangers take on the NRA in new single

Never known to hide their political view, feminist rock band, The Coathangers challenge the NRA in their latest release. Just under a month away from their album release, The Devil You Know, the three-piece come charging back onto the music scene with purpose. “F the NRA” is everything the title expresses. The pop-rock charges alongContinue reading “The Coathangers take on the NRA in new single”

Summer Anthem Alert: Geowulf – “I Drink too much”

In a world overrun by social media, every band needs an aesthetic more than ever. Often times it’s phoned in, which isn’t exactly new in the music industry, however, Geowulf doesn’t have an issue displaying their Instagram perfect aesthetic, (or an addicting beat)  in their latest track “I Drink too much”.  The oddly relatable lyricsContinue reading “Summer Anthem Alert: Geowulf – “I Drink too much””

New Dilly Dally – “i feel free”

It’s a ballad done Dilly Dally style. So you better believe there is a screaming. Katie Monks guides you into, I feel free, with a whisper. If you haven’t heard the band before now you might be taken aback as the chorus inches closer. There is something building and Monks’ trademark growl is about toContinue reading “New Dilly Dally – “i feel free””

The Vaccines are back at it, listen to their new single “I Can’t Quit”

Low and behold the band that has never failed to disappoint (well, me that is). From the age of fifteen The Vaccines have been a staple band never hidden too deeply into my iPod.  “I Can’t Quit” is exactly what you’d expect from The Vaccines. From the first throbbing beat of the drums, there is thatContinue reading “The Vaccines are back at it, listen to their new single “I Can’t Quit””

Take a listen to The Fratellis new track “The Next Time We Wed”

Yes, it’s true. The Fratellis are back and they’ve long abandoned their rowdy personas for a more mature take on rock. Their latest release, however is something wildly unexpected from the Scottish rockers. The Next Time we Wed, is a dip into the psychedelic, which from the cover art of, In Your Own Sweet Time, seems toContinue reading “Take a listen to The Fratellis new track “The Next Time We Wed””

[New Music] Born Ruffian’s – “Forget Me”

    Two years after their personal triumph album Born Ruffians are back, and they’re all grown up.  Forget Me, is the second track released from their upcoming album, but has the same somber beauty as their initial release “Love Too Soon”. The videos are a mini series directed by Leah Fay Goldstein and Peter Dreimanis of July Talk. The videosContinue reading “[New Music] Born Ruffian’s – “Forget Me””

Bully “Losing” | Review

  The current nostalgic love for the ’90s has latest nearly as long as the decade itself. The ripped jeans, Calvin Klein revival and of course the music are seemingly far from falling off the radar. Releasing one of 2015’s best debut albums Bully screamed their way onto the radar. It’s been two years sinceContinue reading “Bully “Losing” | Review”

The Pack A.D. = The Canadian Black Keys

Just drums and a guitar, Becky Black and Maya Miller are Canadian version of The Black Keys. Though that might be slightly misleading. The two cause quite a stir with their blaring drums that beat your insides out, hauntingly dominant guitar and Black’s soulful voice. They’re released a plethora of amazing album after album andContinue reading “The Pack A.D. = The Canadian Black Keys”