The Pack A.D. = The Canadian Black Keys

854d39c2-6a69-4218-b7aa-6d6d6ec8d089Just drums and a guitar, Becky Black and Maya Miller are Canadian version of The Black Keys. Though that might be slightly misleading. The two cause quite a stir with their blaring drums that beat your insides out, hauntingly dominant guitar and Black’s soulful voice. They’re released a plethora of amazing album after album and this month, they’ll do it again.

Their latest video is for the title track, Dollhouse, which features a stripped down Black, while the chaos around brings gore and horror. A not so subtle tribute to the current political stance the world is in.

To get a peak of the album before Oct. 13th you can check out Dollhouse in its entirety on CBC’s: First Play.


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