Bully “Losing” | Review


bully_-_losing_600_600The current nostalgic love for the ’90s has latest nearly as long as the decade itself. The ripped jeans, Calvin Klein revival and of course the music are seemingly far from falling off the radar. Releasing one of 2015’s best debut albums Bully screamed their way onto the radar. It’s been two years since the perfect debut, and the long awaited sophomore album is here.

Losing is as simple and raw as the cover itself.

It’s an album for you to isolate yourself to, for you to drench yourself into the ripe hysteria of ’90s grunge, to lock the doors and listen all day. Alicia Bognanno, (singer and guitarist) doubles as the band’s producer. The intimate touches of Bognanno can be felt throughout each track. The expressive songs paired with the unique coarse rasp of her voice is a staple for the band and perhaps the most comparable to the ’90s king Kurt Cobain. The 2015 release recounted childhood memories and confessions. Losing is no different when taking on the at times uncomfortable truth of insecurities, taboo subjects and the unpleasantries of everyday life.

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