[Review] Get young again because Los Campesinos are back

November 11th, 2018 – Los Campesinos play The Opera House in Toronto for their 10th Anniversary Tour 

Around 16 years old I recall seeing a Budwiser commercial that made me awfully excited about things I did not care about. Beer and baseball were not my great loves, nor would be anytime soon. The same couldn’t be said about that energetic  melody beginning with a few simple guitar strums playing in the background of the commercial. Los Campesinos are an impact-fully perfect band, especially when you discover them at 16. 

Los Campesinos stopped by Toronto to touch the broken hearts of their fans, who despite being ten years older, will scream and dance along to the somber melodies.  

You! Me! Dancing! is their fretfully cheerful song off of Hold on Now, Youngster. Despite the smile inducing tune, this band captures the broke part of all of us by their blatant embodiment of sadness. Because, even 10 years after the release of their album it still is relevant. That was certainly the case at The Opera House when the band exploded onto the stage. Everyone around waited so patently as Gareth David began jumping around as most of us do in our rooms alone.  

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