CMW: Winnipeg’s Band of Brothers, FINN

I came across this band a few weeks ago while scouring the internet for some new tunes. Instantly, I loved their sound. Being from Winnipeg, they struck a cord and I couldn’t not write about them. So take a look at my interview with Daniel of FINN and get to know a little more aboutContinue reading “CMW: Winnipeg’s Band of Brothers, FINN”

CMW: Key into the ’60s inspired sound of Elephant Stone

Elephant Stone is by far the most interesting band you’ll hear at Canadian Music Week. The sitar-inspired psychedelic rock by Rishi Dhir (vocals, bass, sitar, keys) Miles Dupire (drums backing vox) and Gabriel Lambert (guitar, and keys) is what gives Elephant Stone their unique and eccentric sound. The band began in 2006 when Dhir leftContinue reading “CMW: Key into the ’60s inspired sound of Elephant Stone”