The Best New Singles You Need to Hear

T h e  P a c k  A . D.

The Pack a.d.

Released with their new EP, Meta Animal, two new tracks, Back in a Hole and Nightcrawler, are a fresh take on the bands previous work. Going back to the almost psychedelic gritty rock tones heard in their third album, We Kill Computers (2010), the new track Night Crawler features a more paced guitar, emphasized drums. Back in a hole is something a bit different from what the band has done previous. It’s a slower, romantic confession of self doubt. The slow song shows a new side of the band that hasn’t been touched on previously.

T h e  F r a t e l l i s

The fratellis

Back with their fourth album, Eye Wide, Tongue Tied, to be released later this summer, The Fratellis have captured a new sound. With their last album, We Need Medicine (2013), the band explored more of a campy, mature, and even seductive sound rather than the high energy retro sounds heard in, Costello Music (2006)With their new single, Me & The Devil, the band has kept the slower pace of their last album, but there is a darker undertone heard and even seen in their album artwork.

G i n  W i g m o r e

gin_web_blood_to_boneWith a name like Gin, you can expect a sound as gritty and raw as the drink. With her third studio album, Blood To Bone, on the way for a June release it’s clear the artist has taken a new direction. The new single, New Rush, showcases everything great about the beauty. But the single is a softer and tame approach to what is normally heard from the singer. But the raspy voice, catchy songs, honest lyrics and the overwhelming feeling that you’re drunk listening to the song in a dive bar are sure to be heard throughout the new album.

F I D L A R  

fidlar-tooEven if you’re not into punk rock, there is something likeable about Fidlar. The new single, 40oz On Repeat is high energy as always and was a fan favourite when performed live. The tune is catchy enough to have the appeal of a pop song.

J a c k  &  E l i z a


Their EP, No Wonders, was released over a year ago and this summer their first album will follow. Hold the line, isn’t exactly a new track, but it’s definitely an underrated one. Their sound is a mix surfer rock and modern indie rock cohesively heard throughout each pre-released track. The dreamlike sound Jack and Eliza capture is sure to be heard in their album, Gentle Warnings, to come later this summer.

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