The Best New Singles You Need to Hear

Happy Tuesday. I’ve searched the internet finding the best new tracks, so you don’t need to. From Austria to the UK, these are the best new tracks around that you need to hear.

A n g u s  &  J u l i a   S t o n e

From the Stalls, is the newest single from the brother and sister duo. The track if off their self-titled album released last year. The single is a slow ballad, which the two have seem to have perfected with their contrasting voices and perfectly complimenting melodies.


Released June 16th, No Place in Heaven, is the fourth studio album from MIKA. The album features the Lebanese-British singer-songwriter’s track, Staring at the Sun. The evolution of Mika from, Life In Cartoon Motion (2006), until his latest, is the small power-pop song with an indie vibe. The indie tones have merged smoother in his latest album giving it the same MIKA, sound but a slightly different overall feel.

 f  i  l o u s


Having tracks with artists such as Tove Lo, 18-year-old music producer from Austria has already mastered some great tracks. His collaboration with the mellow toned James Hersey for the track How Hard I Try,  is just one of the many great tracks to be heard from the upcoming artist.

P a l a s t i c


Runaway, featuring Josh Roa, is the latest from PALASTIC. The duo only have a few tracks out, but each has a unique sound and vibe that is making the pair quickly gain fans from around the world. Their versatile sound is a great step in the direction towards electronic music for those who aren’t fully submerged in the craze.

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