The People You’re Sure to Find at a Palma Violets Show

Don’t let the suspenders and slacks fool you. If you were expecting four sharp English boys to come on stage and play smooth hymns around Samuel Fryer’s yawning and mollifying voice, you’re in the wrong place. At their Toronto show on Friday, Palma Violets proved that live, they are a drunken, stumbling and slightly mumblyContinue reading “The People You’re Sure to Find at a Palma Violets Show”

The Most Memorable of Canadian Music Week

Canadian Music Week: The 10 day-long event is over and Torontonians have surely filled their iPods with some new finds, washed the beer out of their clothes and have posted their bruises from mosh pits onto Instagram. Some bands were good, some were great and others knocked you flat… (some physically) and left you wonderingContinue reading “The Most Memorable of Canadian Music Week”

The Grotesque (and unavoidable) Things You’ll Experience When Front Row @ Fat White Family

Ah yes, cheers to some good old rock music. The energy is high and the music of Fat White Family is pretty damn sick, both positively (and negatively). Being front row is an experience that had some covering their eyes; backing away in disgust and relishing in Saudi’s (lead) sweat-shower. The London-based band Lias SaudiContinue reading “The Grotesque (and unavoidable) Things You’ll Experience When Front Row @ Fat White Family”

Oh Hi, Yeah, Women Can Be Bad Ass Too.

Remember these faces. Their genres are all worlds apart but the thing that these ladies have in common is that they rock the hell out of a stage. The ladies focused on during Canadian Music Week’s: Toronto Women of Music showcase brought out some of the city’s best talent you need to check out. TheContinue reading “Oh Hi, Yeah, Women Can Be Bad Ass Too.”

Hidden Gem of CMW: The Bandicoots

The Bandicoots—this little surprise came on the second night that was spent at, for all the punkers in Toronto, one of the most anticipated shows at CMW: the Fidlar show at the Horseshoe Tavern. If you live in Toronto and like music, you probably know the venue well. It’s the introduction into Toronto’s music scene. NotContinue reading “Hidden Gem of CMW: The Bandicoots”