Shakey Graves and Angus & Julia Stone @ Osheaga

A N G U S  & J U L I A  S T O N E Angus & Julia Stone @ Osheaga

A seductive pair they are. The brother and sister enticed crowds into swaying with their sultry voices that tempted and teased as the sunset. Julia Stone is a vixen that emanates a sexual energy, dressed innocently, she provoked with her voice and her dance moves. Angus watched, plucking his guitar and waiting for his turn to take the mic.

Angus & Julia Stone @ Osheaga 2“Hey, how you guys doing?” He asked. “You good? That’s good.” Hidden behind sunglasses, a hat, and a barricade of facial hair, his chilled demeanour seemed to diminish as soon as he poured his soul on the stage.

Changing pace for the crowd favourite, Big Jet Plane, by taking an acoustic approach and offering a different melody, the performer led fans into the change. And soon the audience offered their voices for the rest of the song.

S H A K E Y  G R A V E S

shakey grace2

Walking on stage to chants of “Shakey”, Alejandro Rose-Garcia otherwise known as his stage name, Shakey Graves took the stage in a different attire than fans were used to. Without a cowboy hat, the singer gave a performance that fully satisfied fans making them one of the loudest crowds at the smaller stages.

Shakey Graves @ Osheaga

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