Giant Balls and Supersoakers: Young The Giant Tares Down Osheaga

Young The Giant @ Osheaga 2If there is one band to see it has to be Young The Giant. It doesn’t matter whether or not you know anything other than their hits, the band puts on a show. Playing the mainstage, the band, Sameer Gadhia, Jacob Tilley, Eric Cannata, Payam Doostzadeh and Francois Comtois, made their Osheaga performance one to remember. The fans may have been the most dedicated, lining up to three hours before the band took the stage, just for a glimpse. There was no shortage of tears in the front row. Once the band began energy rushed the festival. A giant party ensued while the band unleashed more the music onto the crowd. A giant supersoaker rained down on the sweltering crowd as giant beachballs were passed overhead. Wet and muddy the crowd jumped, enthralled by the experience and gaining a new love for the band.

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