The Sticky Fingers @ The Garrison

The Sticky Fingers @ The Garrison

Looking like they just walked off the set of ‘70s porno, The Sticky Fingers graced The Garrison. After meeting in an unusual manner, a drunken haze in Newtown years ago, the band is now walking on stage to chants of “Sticky”. The five Australian’s, Dylan Frost (vocals), Paddy Cornwall (bass), Seamus Coyle (guitar), Beaker Best (drums/percussion) and Freddy Crabs (keys/synth) greeted fans with wide smiles and waves before beginning their set. They took their places with their designated instruments and let the crowd drink in the confusing scene that had just taken the stage.—From Frost decked out in a porno-stache, and his whitest sneakers, to Crabs, who was sporting sideburns wicked enough to put Ron Burgundy to shame and wearing nothing but a pair of green boxer-briefs. While the rest of the band looked like they fell from a Trans Am. Straightaway, you fully understand that these boys don’t take themselves too seriously.

Fans on the other hand were quite the opposite. The people at the show were die-hard Sticky Finger fans. They welcomed the band with adoring eyes and dancing to each song. Most knew the words and even if they didn’t, that didn’t stop them from having a great time by just enjoying the evening with the band. Frost even made it his duty to cheers whoever welcomed it in the front row. –I would love to insert a quote, of some of the (what I’m sure was) witty banter of the singer, but I couldn’t quite understand what Frost was mumbling into the microphone. If the rest of crowd had the same issue, they sported their best Canadian hospitality and nodded along anyway.

Once you get past their get-ups your mind goes through a few stages. As Frost begins gyrating all over the stage you think one thing “yeah, these guys sound like The Arctic Monkey’s. “ Then the next song begins. You keep listening to realize that The Sticky Fingers are quite far apart from any other band. Falling somewhere (both in and out) of the realms of reggae, rock, pop, and hip-hop, their sound may not be distinguishable. Frost is a multi-talent himself; changing paces from a slow number, into a rap, then diving into heavy alternative rock without missing a beat, makes you realize that these boys are seriously talented musicians. What is most impressive about the wide-range that these boys have achieved is that they aren’t a band trying things out to see what works or musically putting on a front to appeal to however many people they can. They trust themselves and know that the haphazardness of their sound is their sound.

Touring is nothing new for the chart-toppers. Their debut, Caress Your Soul (2013),  began their journey on the road with an Australian and European tour. The band is currently touring for their latest release, sophomore album, Land of Pleasure. Released just about a year ago, the popularity of, Land of Pleasure, still has fans waiting in line for sold out shows hoping to get a little bit sticky.

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