The Kills & The Avett Brothers @ Osheaga

The Kills @ Osheaga 2

The Kills played the Scène Verte stage opening day to a gathering crowd. Hair flipping, body shaking and energy translated dully into the audience. Perhaps from the heat, the audience seemed more interested in the set up of the next act on the opposing stage.


 T H E  A V E T T  B R O T H E R S The Avett BrothersThe Avett Brothers amped up the festival, performing from the main stage. An impressive crowd gathered to see the brothers. Running out on stage the brothers Scott and Seth didn’t slow down.

The Avett Brothers @ Osheaga 2

Their set involved hand-clapping, rapping, and even had Scott breathless on the ground while Seth went for the crowd, never missing a note on his guitar as fans grabbed all they could. They had the most dedicated crowd. There sure wasn’t a lack of dancing, singing or love.

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