CMW: Key into the ’60s inspired sound of Elephant Stone

Elephant Stone is by far the most interesting band you’ll hear at Canadian Music Week. The sitar-inspired psychedelic rock by Rishi Dhir (vocals, bass, sitar, keys) Miles Dupire (drums backing vox) and Gabriel Lambert (guitar, and keys) is what gives Elephant Stone their unique and eccentric sound. The band began in 2006 when Dhir left his old band the High Dials. Though Dhir says their music isn’t genre specific, there isn’t another band quite like them out there. The band’s upcoming performance on May 8th at Hard Luck Bar is sure to leave crowds with a healthy sense of the bands style. The sound is a throwback to the ‘60s with a modern-pop twist. The peppy melodies and chilled vibe of Elephant Stone has caught the attention of media outlets across the world and has granted them the privilege to tour internationally. The hippy-vibe is the bands large focus, despite Dhir admitting that he doesn’t find their sound that “genre-specific”.

“I write pop songs first and foremost… the rest is just window dressing,” Dhir said. After a family trip to India in 1997 was where Dhir first picked up the skill of playing sitar, since then he has become one of the worlds most desired sitar players and has toured with musicians including Beck. At their upcoming performance, the band expects the audience to take “peace” away from their showcase and absorb the “influence of heart and soul” that the band tries to incorporate into their music.

“We’ve been lucky and fortunate to have people around the world that actually value our music,” said Dhir. “The challenge would be ensuring those people know they are all valued and loved.”

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