The Gratifying Genius that is Mr Little Jeans

pocketknifeMr. Little Jeans was introduced last year with the release of the debut album, Pocketknife. Monica Birkenes is the Norwegian beauty behind the persona. —Pocketknife is a collection of perfectly layered harmonies, lyrics and danceable electro-pop with heavy synth. The sweetly, breathy voice of Birkenes makes the perfect collaboration of harmonic layers that make each creation so catching. Her sound is darkness riddled with light. With a mix of haunting and saccharine, she captures your senses with the tracks Rescue, Runaway, Good Mistake and Oh Sailor! —You can’t help but obsess over each song by playing it on repeat. The lyrics are true, simple and will play in your head all day after a listen. The Suburbs, which is a cover of Arcade Fire, is the perfect exhibit of how Birkenes has a sound strictly her own– adding a slower pace, and haunting vocals to submerge the song until it takes a few listens to realize it’s a cover.

The rarity of making a proper album from start to finish isn’t what’s impressive about the piece. It’s that Mr. Little Boots created an enthralling world to get lost in. Listening from start to finish you’ll find a range of moody, bubbly, sombre and eerie tracks you wont be able to stop listening to. Which is why she’s racked up millions of listens on the web and has established such a strong following with her first album.

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