“It’s not my record anymore” – The Lost Identity of Michael Rault

Michael Rault 3

Almost unrecognizable, he walks up to the stage. Under a mess of hair, his finest pair of ripped jeans and tattered sneakers Michael Rault takes his place at the mic. As he begins laying into the microphone it’s clear his moustache isn’t the only thing that’s new. If you listened to Rault from way back from his Ma-me-o days, one thing is very clear, he is not the same artist he was introduced as. In fact, if you begin to wonder if he’s the same artist at all.

“Sometimes I feel like you go through intense personal stuff, there’s a lot of stuff to work through, but a lot of the time musical ideas have been influencing me,” Rault said.

After hearing the raspy voiced-quirky-talent, you wonder why you don’t hear him on every radio station. From his beginning in Edmonton, making harmonic YouTube videos with sister, Emily Rault, to the now Toronto-based concoction of perfectly, eccentric uplifting ‘70s influenced rock, the performer has come quite a way to banish his pervious self. With the release of Ma-me-o, back in 2010, he made a name with his, then, signature style of 50’s rock. He began working on the album at 19; the outcome was surprising from such a young talent and made him one to keep an eye on. His single I Don’t Need No Help Getting Down even earned iTunes single of the week

“It’s [Ma-me-o] not my record anymore,” he explained. “When I made my first album, I think it was only released in Canada, I was 19. I mean, I’m 27 now, I don’t even play those songs live anymore. It would be funny if I had to do any songs off the record, it would feel like doing a cover song now. I would rather do a cover song by another artist than myself.”

After gaining attention the artist began touring and facing pressures that began the change. Rault admits of feeling pressured to produce “the same thing, but different,” during the highlighted album’s faze. It was soon thereafter his style began to change. With his mellow follow-up EP, Whirlpool (2012), which was a blending of demo’s; he showed the first stage of what would be a new direction taken for the artist.

Five years later, the world is introduced to, Living Daylight. Released back in May, the album features a laid-back influence reminiscent of the ‘70s rather than the higher energy feel of his debut, which he no longer identifies with.

Fans were shown a new side of the performer with his latest release. Focusing on more guitar solos, harmonic tunes and an overall “trippy” aspect even influenced in the albums artwork and videos, Rault is changing up his entire style. But with the lengthy release times between albums Rault finds himself still a tad drawn away from the latest release.

“Living Daylight is more representative of me, but it’s more of a look at things to come,” Rault said hinting the change in his latest music. Currently working on a few demos for a new album Rault explains what fans can expect.

“It’s going to be—this sounds weird,he paused. “It’s getting a little bit more tripped out than the last record. I want to focus on more precise solos, more rocking, in a classic way, but balanced out in a good way so it’s not a ridiculous guitar record.”

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