Best New: LOLO – Comeback Queen EP

Lauren Pritchard is no more. In her place an edgy indie artist called LOLO is hitting the music scene hard and it’s clear with her recent release, Comeback Queen, she’s planning on staying and making her name known. The New York bound artist released the follow up EP this past June following her 2014 hit single, Hit and Run.
Comeback Queen—LOLO took her time between releases to recreate her sound and persona and the outcome in heard in the final EP. With only five tracks, the work contains a large sound. Each track is done to perfection starting with the star track, I Don’t Want to Have to Lie, which is a blend of jazzy-pop clamped together with LOLO’s gritty voice and raw emotion. Titled track, Comeback Queen, may be the perfect track to sum up the EP’s entirety. Conquering the latest release it’s only a matter of time before she dominates the charts.

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