Baio, The Vampire Gone Rogue, Shares Title Track from His First Solo EP ‘The Names’


Stepping into the spotlight, newly solo artist Baio revealed the title track from his upcoming EP today on Facebook, with a small message,

“Here, friendos, is the title track from The Names. It took me about five years to figure this one out. Hope you like it.”

Baio–known his role as bassist in Vampire Weekend, announced the solo project back in April. Since then, tracks, Sister of Peal, Brainwash yyrr Face and Endless Rhythm, have been released all offering a fast-paced pop infused sound. His latest track is the most diverse, seeming to focus more on a dreamlike mellow folk sound, adding some variety to the medley already out there.

The Names is released on September 18th. Check out The Names below.

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