Reviewed: Rah Rah Vessels

Rah Rah—Vessels

Did you know that there are people living in all that space between Toronto and Vancouver? Not only that, but they’re making some tunes, some damn good ones. Repping us prairie folk, Rah Rah is busting back onto the scene after leaving fans with their previous treat, The Poet’s Dead, three long years ago. They have a Mother Mother-ish quality to them. That quirky indie dynamic, smart lyrics, danceable songs that shouldn’t be danceable and that underlying darkness to a campy song that when done just right is perfect. Mixed with the voices of the three vocalists Vanessa Benson, Marshell Burns and Erin Passmore the album offers a delight for everyone.

The album is something special, if you hadn’t heard of the band before hearing Vessels, you’ll instantly fall in love. Beginning with Be Your Man, Marshell Burns will have you planning on how to make him yours. The song is a catchy bunching of gooey indie but there is an overpowering sincerity heard in his voice that makes the song that makes it more than just a catchy song.

The star-track, Chip Off The Heart, is a great follow up. While be your man is a shadow of the band’s previous work, the second single is a shake for fans to look at the new direction the band has taken. Which merges nicely throughout their album. Vamping up guitar, and adding faster paced songs, Rah Rah’s new sound is still laced in what was so loveable about them before. Ten songs in we meet, Surgery, which may be the most out of ordinary thing Rah Rah has done, but is definitely one of the best on the album. It sounds like a drug trip. Bursting with aggression, it’s a rush of energy a song before the album is finished, offering one last surprise before the saccharine ending.

Who would have thought five prairie folk could jam this well.—take a listen and I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

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