Inside TURF Club Series: Catl and Murder By Death

Grab a beer because you’ll need something to raise. Let’s take it to Lee’s Palace Thursday night where, a crowd of mostly men, had that exact thought. Because when Catl and Murder by Death are stopping by, there is nothing more to do than kick back and party.

Catl – Before their show on Friday, rock-duo, Catl gave their all with a preview of their performance the following day. From Toronto, the band lit up the stage and started the evening with a rush of energy that only ‘the gruesome twosome’ could offer.

M U R D E R  B Y  D E A T H

Murder by Death – All the way from Indiana, Murder by Death is a five-member set up alternative rock band with blends of country. Their set hit home with the crowd that sang each song back at them at every turn.

Photos by Anthea Thomas.

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