Exclusive: Inside Blue Sky Miners Album Release

Dropping their self-titled album on the Friday, Blue Sky Miners, took over The Horseshoe Tavern to celebrate. And of course, they didn’t come alone. Surprise guests, John Gogo with the Gogo Sisters and Brendan Canning also took the stage. Fans came in hoards to hear their newest songs live. The night was filled with dedicated fans who’d memorized the lyrics of the newest songs and weren’t shy about showing it off as they hung off the bands every move. It was clear this show was long awaited for many and greatly satisfying to all. Jena Gogo on her own is a party. Add in the raspy-voiced Jay Mitchell and the rest of the band and the rocky mountain rock-folk tunes of BSM will have you yelling their songs right back at them with a smile.

Earlier on in the evening, Toronto-based Torero took the stage to coax the crowd into some country tunes with their sultry rock that had the audience swaying alone. Next up was the ’50s rock of Ferraro. Well-known in the Toronto music scene, the band of brothers never disappoint with their high energy rock and roll ( or their pretty faces). Taking a break mid-set to play a cover, Mary by Kings of Leon, (that they pulled of splendidly) the boys showed off their chops, once again proving that Ferraro is a band on the rise.


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