Gallery | The Maccabees: Live In Detroit w/ Gambles

One photographer and an amazing band. From London, the legendary Maccabees played The Magic Bag in Detroit. Their latest album, Marks to Prove It, released with Communion Music has once again proved that the band is full of extraordinary things.

Paired with the soulful indie-rock of The Maccabees, Gambles opened the show. If you look him up online you’ll find a parade of interviews and an empty Soundcloud account with over 50K followers, but you really have to dig to hear his music. Once you find his charming song Angel on YouTube channel, you’re infused with a dramatic acoustic confession of a songwriter with a great gift.

Enjoy some photos from the show, once again by the ever talented, Janine VanOostrom. 



Gambles3Gambles 4

The Maccabees

mac2 mac3 mac4 mac5 mac6 mac7 mac8

Janine VanOostrom Instagram-
For more great artists check out – @CommunionMusic

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