New Music: Paradise Animals “Monday Morning” 

 Oh, hi Paradise Animals! Where the hell have you been hiding yourselves?

It’s been about two hours since my instant love affair with three musicians from Toronto. Paradise Animals are taunting audiences with their first single, Monday Morning, off of their upcoming debut album, Day Bed. The single, sounds like a dream you don’t want to wake up from. The dark and light tones with a slight electro-pop vibe contrast the perfectly haunting voice of Mark Andrade, creating a stunning first impression. Straightaway you want to hear more from them, know more about them, and find out when and where they’re going to be playing. Well, worry not because the release of Day Bed, is only a few short days away (November 13th) and more information about them is sure to come. For now, listen to their track above or click here to watch the video for Monday Morning streaming now on their YouTube channel.

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