The Best Moments of The Wilderness Politics Tour


New Politics 5
New Politics 

The Danforth housed four strikingly different bands in the same night. LOLO and The Griswolds share the spot as openers while New Politics and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness were the double headliners. All musicians are worlds apart from another. The Wilderness Politics tour is a collection of all things odd, and a celebration of those quirky bands on the bill.

With each act being so differently the show offered up a few surprises to say the least, making the night filled with memorable moments. Here’s the breakdown of last night’s show.

LOLO Rocking Out in a Fur Coat.–From the US, LOLO gave her all as she hit the stage as the room filled. Her unique style drew attention but her powerful voice filled the Danforth and stunned the crowd.

The Moment When LOLO Proved She (somehow) Sounds Better Live. Her EP, Comeback Queen, released earlier this year is four songs of pure talent. The showstopper, Not Gonna Let You Walk Away, is the gem of the album, and the moment the singer begins singing it live, you hear the soul and passion LOLO puts into her set.

New Politics Breakdancing. Nope. Not a typo. New Politics may be a rock band dipped in pop but they offer up a strong side of hip hop once lead, David Boyd takes his moment in the spotlight. On stage they offer a high energy set full of all the yelling and guitar shredding you crave, the band just offers it with a side of breakdancing. You know, just that little something extra that has the audience gasping every few seconds. It’s always great when the crowd’s jaw drops.

New Politics 2

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Because no matter if you’re reminiscing of 2010 when the New Politics first introduced themselves to the world with their first self-titled album, or your a new fan. There is one song that never stops amping people up, Yeah Yeah Yeah. One of the bands most popular song is still going strong in their shows.


Every part of The Griswolds’ Hair Flipping Action. Hello from Australia with great heads of hair. The Griswolds were a crowd favourite, bursting on stage looking like the 80s bundled into one band.


When You Realized The Griswolds Perform in the Air. After taking a few shots, one thing was very apparent. The band likes moving, and more importantly jumping.


The Quirky talent of Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. Taking over the stage by turing it into a wonderland similar to a room in Willy Wonka. McMahon turned The Danforth into a fantasy land where he trotted about as fans sang back at him.


The show was out there, the bands were all great in their own way. Each drastically different, but found cohesion in their throwback vibe to another time.



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