Front Row At Kate Boy + ACES

Stepping onto stage in matching clothing, with large smiles Swedish electro-pop group KATE BOY played to a crowd of long awaiting fans. Toronto welcomed them with faces mirroring the bands. Just releasing their debut album, One, the band played with that rush of new energy seen with new releases. The intimate set took place last week at The Drake Underground with openers, ACES.


Starting off the evening ACES, played a capturing set. Made up of Russ Flynn and Alexandra Stewart, ACES is an indie-electro band. Playing with the contrast of a saccharine voiced Stewart and dark tones, the band takes you into a fantasy they inhibit. They have a slight haunting element to them, watching them perform you can see the moment when they lose themselves into the music, ACES draw you in with them and you can’t quite look away.

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