Most Memorable Dragonette Videos Explained | Q&A with Dragonette



Q: Is there any significance behind the red roses in Let The Night Fall?

A: Probably, yes. But I think we just liked how strange it looked. Kind of bends your brain for a second.


Q: Fixin’ To Thrill might have the most striking ending. You kill the parents of the kids at the end. Where did this concept come from?

A: It was so long ago I might not exactly remember what we were getting at. But I don’t remember it being a dark message. The Director Wendy Morgan and I came up with all the ideas. The gist of the video is that there are 2 simultaneous videos happening. One is in the imaginations of the children and one is closer to the real world. They’ve invented their own homemade superhero sort of. The end of the vid to me is kinda like a page from a comic book.


Q: The entire video for Giddy Up is rather different unexpected, where did the idea for that video come from?

A: It was more of a lark that video. We did it while we were rehearsing in a barn in Prince Edward County so I think there was a lot of rural stuff floating around us. And the song has a bit of a ho-down vibe. So we just went with it.


Q: Live in This City is one of the most memorable videos for me! The clothing, the dance moves, everything. Where did the concept for the video come from and is there a specific meaning behind it?

A: The concept in this video is an idea I had floating in my head for a while. I had this idea of someone walking down the street feeling so fly and sexy that everyone that they make eye contact with turns into crazy sex freaks. Wow, just writing that down makes it seem very strange. We had so much fun coming up with the details and shooting it. We laughed so hard on set. It was such a good time. And the end, when Dan and Joel turn into crazy sex freaks, was an idea conceived by the director Wendy Morgan, Dan, the DP and myself when we were almost finished the entire shoot. It was never meant to end that way. But we started joking about it and laughing so hard at the idea that we changed the storyline and location for the end of the video.

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