Born Ruffians + PEERS @ The Opera House

Born Ruffians4.jpg

The tour is done, and fans across the country are momentarily satisfied. Born Ruffians played their last show of 2015 at The Opera House last night in Toronto, with PEERS.  The final, sold-out, show brought out fans of all ages. It’s always great to go to shows that just celebrate a good time. That’s exactly what Born Ruffians did.

But before they took the stage PEERS ripped it up. The band is in it’s first year after revamping their sound and you can hear the hard work. Every moment of PEERS set was a solid perfection. Their sound is a little hard to distinguish, caught somewhere between rock, pop, with a little electronic elements PEERS is a genre of their own.

Born RuffiansBorn Ruffians2Born Ruffians1Born Ruffians4Born Ruffians3Born Ruffians 5






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