Reviewed | Le Butcherettes + The Dead Ships @ The Velvet Underground

Le Butcherettes
Le Butcherettes – March 5th 2016

Screaming, stomping, and grunting, Le Butcherettes christened the newly opened Velvet Underground with a performance that was everything angry empowering rock.Fronted by Teri Gender, Le Butcherettes is a garage band trio from Mexico that exudes power.

If you don’t know them, prepare for a mind fuck when they play live. Teri, comes on stage stomping to the beat. The guitar begins and the crowd rushes forward waiting for her to climb over them and share the energy she seems to have is spades.

Le Butcherettes 4

The Dead Ships 3
The Dead Ships

Decked out in a fur coat, opening up the show, The Dead Ships, a band catching a lot of wind; already tapping into a few of this years major festival bills like SXSW and Coachella, the band stopped by Toronto to show off their rising name. A set filled with a cohesive classic rock sound. The L.A trio is a mixture of pop rock with a dark tone. Their rockstar energy is just as enticing as their sound and leaves you wanting to listen to more.


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