Your Friend will not be Friendly if you’re “texting” front row

Your Friend

“Who are you texting?” 

An innocent enough question….though not when it’s being said into the microphone of a sold out show and now everyone in The Horseshoe Tavern is now wondering who exactly I’m texting.

What busy lives we all lead. It’s fair to say multitasking has become the norm (at least for me). The Horseshoe Monday night was filled to the brim with what could have passed for ’90s night, but in fact, was show goers piled in to see Your Friend, Alex G and Porches. All bands I’ve never seen live before. What an interesting turn the night took when towards the end of Your Friends set, Taryn Miller took a moment to look into the crowd and call me out for being on my phone.

“Who are you texting? This girl front row is texting so fast it’s distracting me while I’m playing.” She said. “Seriously, man. Who are you texting that fast?” The crowd laughed. I stared, surprised at what had just happened. Because yes, it’s rude to “text” front row at a show, quite a few bands find it endlessly aggravating when they look in front row and see someone staring at a screen…too bad I wasn’t texting.

“Oh now, I feel bad. The entire song I felt like I hurt your feelings.” she added after another song.

Back to time constraints. So many shows so little time, reviews and editing photos take time. I like writing reviews when they’re fresh, I like taking down details during the show careful not to forget what made that band so special. You’d think that maybe the band would recognize someone with a camera around their neck as someone that might also be working while at the show and sadly yes, working off of a phone. They might even be writing…your review.

Which is:

Your Friend put on an amazing show. The haunting aura of Miller in person elevates her sound in a way you can’t hear in the album. You experience the familiar songs differently live. Seeing her in her element, performing with closed eyes as she sways along to her own voice, plucking her guitar distinctly shows how much of an artist she is. Rarely do you see someone get so lost in their own sound, that you can’t help but wonder where they go or how they come back. Seemingly miles away, Miller’s songs from albums, Gumption (2016) and  Jekyll / Hyde (2014) ground you in an emotional state that is frighteningly beautiful.

Embarrassing moment but they were damn good.

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