Inside the Rivoli Relaunch Party

Modestly tucked among trendy clothing stores on Queen West, a small stage has hosted many bands on the rise of their careers. Adele and Iggy Pop are just a few of the names that have graced the Rivoli stage. Past the patio and front bar, behind a bouncer and soundproof door. There is a stage in the back that rings home to many of Toronto’s bands that have either watched a show, played a show or have supported a friend’s gig. Show goers have probably been to the Rivoli and are familiar with the easy vibe. With the new management change, the Rivoli threw a party to show that after all these years, the venue isn’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon. Pair the iconic venue with some of Toronto’s well known bands, and you’ve got a fun night (that the free beer will challenge you to forget.)

Take a look at the shows that went down during the Rivoli’s relaunch party.


By Divine Right

By Divine Right-2

For Esme

For Esme-3

Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs

Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs



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